Tuesday 12:00 p.m. followed by lunch at the Interfaith Center (IFC)
Wednesday before 5:15 Mass at ITE 227 (ITE 227)

We have extra rosaries if you need one.

How to pray the rosary

Instructions for praying the rosary can be found here

We select the mysteries of the day according to the schedule proposed by Pope St. John Paul II:

We pray the prayers in the traditional group format, in which the leader says the first half of the prayer for the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, and the group says the rest of it together. We tend to say the whole Apostles’ Creed together though.

More information about the rosary

EWTN has a wonderful description about the historical origins of the rosary and an explanation of the scriptural origins of the Hail Mary and scriptural nature of the rosary

The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis Marie de Montfort